Major design changes might seem comparatively effortless today.
Inspecting the new parts hasn’t seemed effortless … until now.

Recent Publicity

We were flattered by Richard Sandham's kind words in his recent blog post:
“Announcing CAIPros – Pushing Metrology's Pedal to the Metal!”
Automated software tools, using previous designs as a paradigm, can generate new inspection routines at what seems to the engineer like a few clicks of a mouse.  Gone is the manual process of document revision that once consumed weeks of costly, highly trained labor.  In its place is a fast, efficient and automated inspection process that batches repetitive data and intelligently interprets engineering change orders to ease the transition between designs and sizes.

Too many precision manufacturers are still unaware that they are getting comparatively slow, inefficient results from Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s) and other traditional, human bound inspection methods.  Even manufacturers that do use modern inspection technologies like White Light Scanning and Geomagic might not realize that they could be cutting their inspection time by yet another order of magnitude.

The advent of faster and more comprehensive non-contact data collection, coupled with recent innovations in inspection data processing technologies, have a made possible a phenomenal advance in interpretation of measurement data.  As a result, some major names in aerospace, medical device and many other manufacturing enterprises have overhauled the way they design, develop, and change their parts. And they have used CAIPros to bring the speed.